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Stability Ball Exercises Part 2

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Two for You!

Here are two stability ball exercises you can do anytime, anywhere to strengthen your core, glutes and balance.
That’s the purpose of our exercise blog…to introduce new and fun exercises that you can do at home with little or no equipment because we know you can’t always get to the gym!
Exercise #1: Seated Single Leg Balance
Begin in a seated position. Sit tall with shoulders directly over hips and spine in neutral. DO NOT let your hips tuck under into a pelvic tilt. Lift one foot from floor and hold it there while you count to five (or ten). Switch feet. Repeat five times with each leg.
Exercise #2: Bridge
Begin in a seated position and then walk your feet away from the ball until your head and shoulders are resting on the ball as shown on video. Feet should be about hip distance apart. Shoulders, hips and knees should be in one straight line. Next, lower hips toward the floor 6-8 inches and squeeze glutes to lift back up into a straight bridge. The ball should remain stationary. Repeat 15x
More Challenge: Hold hand weight resting on your upper leg while you perform this exercise.
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