XO Fitness Reviews & Testimonials

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Shannon L. I have been going to XO Fitness since the day they open. They are great. I love the environment and the size. Ellie is a great personal trainer and I would recommend her to anyone who will listen to me. She makes working out fun. Everyone at XO is great!!!
Tara R. Love XO Fitness!! Ellie is an awesome trainer, and Karin is so nice and super helpful. The new cardio equipment is great!
Sylvia B. I love this personalized training gym. Karin and Ryan are so nice and extremely knowledgable about all things exercise. Plus the new space is beautiful. XO Fitness is the perfect place to reach your fitness goals and make a friend or two.
Bev F. Well, here is the GREATEST compliment a Grandmother can receive: So my 10 year old grandson likes to hit the boxing bag, and has been doing this for about 9 months to a year now. When I was visiting him down in Atlanta, his dad wanted me to check out his muscles….and his were amazing! Then he checked mine! Later, his Mom comes to me and says: “Michael was bragging to me about how strong your biceps are! They were hard, Mom!” He thought it was quite cool. Of course I love him and XO Fitness. At times I get self critical about my aging, but Ryan and the team have kept me in shape. I tell Ryan he has to come pick me up if I ever say I just cannot do this anymore! I”ve begging there for about 6 years now and exercise 5 days a week for an hour. Thank you Ryan, Karin, and Lori!
Theresa T. Thanks Ellie for a great introductory training session! I appreciate your support
Tami J. Xofitness is a great place to workout and get in shape. You need to check it out
Marianne O. I love XO fitness. Owners Karin and Ryan are both amazing people, and they have an incredible staff to boot. The trainings are flexible, and they offer classes throughout the week. Barre class with Ellie on Saturday is always a blast. She mixes it up so it’s always different. It’s not just at the bar; we use the Bozu, weights, and resistance bands too. Classes are small and are in no way intimidating. I feel so lucky to have this wonderful gym in our little town.
Wendy B. I’ve been a member for 4 years and really enjoy coming to XO even though I’ve always hated exercise. They are always changing it up and keeping me moving. Great staff.
Becky L. Love this place, good atmosphere and great trainers
Anne M. The trainers work very closely with their clients to provide the best training exercises for their abilities, ailments and stresses of the day.  They provide and create an awesome work out experience every time! I always feel better after my workout than I did when I arrived!
Scott H.  (Yelp Review) I have been a client at xo for a few years now.  A great place – great people.  I enjoy the personal workouts and attention.  The trainers help hold you accountable to your personal fitness schedule and goals.  This is something you definitely will not get at the larger clubs, which is probably the reason for the high rate of attrition at these facilities.  Well worth the time to talk with Ryan or Karin there!
Andy K.  (Yelp Review) A great place is not made up by fancy decorations, expensive equipment and/or  loads of people waiting for the next piece of equipment. In my opinion, a great place (workout space / personal trainers) is 100% about the people within it’s walls!! Ryan and Karin are good people who work hard and believe in themselves, their business and most importantly….their (you the) customers/ partners. If you are new to the fitness game or been around the block a time or two…it’s worth checking in with them to see if together they can help you achieve your goals. 99% of it is up to you…but they give the best 1% missing that helps you reach that 100%.
Danielle T.  (Yelp Review) I love XO Fitness! In the summer of 2012 I was at my heaviest I’d ever been and was finally fed up with being over weight (more than 100 lbs over). Super self-conscious, I wanted a place where I could get private, one-on-one help. I also wanted a place that tailored a work out around me and my goals, not a “Lose 30 lbs in 30 days” sort of deal. I found everything I wanted and more at XO Fitness! Not only do they offer private training, group classes, yoga, pilates, and an ever changing work out designed just for you, there’s also and nutrition program (which I very much needed)! And it’s actually FUN, I look forward to every training session. Ryan, Karin and their staff are very knowledgeable and caring and want only the best for you! So if you’re like me and want to skip the giant, crowded gym, I would highly recommend XO Fitness!
Barb L.  (Yelp Review) I have been working out at XO Fitness for 4 years and feel better than I ever have. I love the fact that it’s one on one just for me. I actually look forward to working out. My stamina is better than ever and feel great. I also take Pilate’s and feel that the personal workouts and Pilate’s combination really work all the muscle groups. I can’t say enough about XO Fitness. I love the ever changing workouts so it never gets monotonous. It’s so easy to fit it in my schedule. If I have someplace to go after my workout, they have excellent shower facilities. I’ve tried health clubs and YMCA’s but never felt the commitment to my health as I so with XO Fitness. Love it
Kim S. I really enjoy working with Karin! She is a great person and I know she truly cares about helping me continue to meet my goals.  I really like the quaint, personal environment of XO.  I also appreciated their flexibility as sometimes life gets in the way and changes to schedule occur, etc. They are always very accommodating. This is important to me.
Sheryl K. Very good individualized attention, simple exercises that produce results; quiet, concentrated atmosphere; friendly, accommodating staff.
Sue V. Everyone is so nice & it is not intimidating. I feel like I’m a part of the family.  I come for yoga & love the stretches & relaxed atmosphere.  Everyone is so nice & welcoming.  I feel loved & accepted.
Sally A. Philosophy and structure of business, not intimidating, friendly, truly helpful, very personable.
Carolyn J. When someone asks me where I go to exercise, I am very positive and share the improvements that I have been able to make by attending the small group sessions at XO fitness.  The instructors prepare difference exercises and explain what body parts will benefit during their sessions and offer different class formats so it is always new for a total body experience.  Participants are gently encouraged to do their best and options for modifications are offered when needed.  It is easy to just try it!
Hilarie R. The trainers are able to explain the benefits of various exercises. They know many pathways to get strong results. Our family also enjoys the paddling opportunities. The personal attention at XO is special.
Christine M. XO Fitness was a highlight in my living experience while in Green Bay. Thank you to all the staff and the clients I came know at XO Fitnes. All will be missed, however remembered fondly.
Jenny T. Thank you both for being such great leaders! It’s not by chance God placed you into my life. You have been sooo helpful and inspiring to me on my journey! Had it not been for your passionate example of a healthy lifestyle, who knows when I would have taken that first step!!! Sooo grateful to look back and see how far I’ve come.
Christine M. (Yelp Review) During the short time that I resided in Green Bay I was a member of XO Fitness. My experience was fantastic. I did not know anyone in Green Bay, however when I worked out at XO Fitness I felt like I was with old friends. The classes offered are great and my personal training experience was also wonderful. If you are looking for a gym this is the gym for you!
Dina A. I have a treadmill, elliptical machine, exercise ball and miles of pavement to run on here at home, but instead I choose to come to you for my workouts.  Why?  Because I want results and know that you can help me do that.  I have been exercising for years on my own and have never gotten the results I wanted.  I always felt like I was treading water and never gaining any ground.  You and your team have been able  to push me on to levels I never would have gotten to on my own.
Sarah R. I’ve been working out at XO Fitness for almost a year and a half and it’s awesome! The trainers track your progress and gradually increase the difficulty of your workouts so you never plateau. The group trainings are fun too…with only 3-4 people so you get lots of personal attention. I highly recommend kickboxing, PiYo and the Strength Circuit. The prices for both small group training and personal training are great. I highly recommend XO for people of any level who want to get in shape and stay motivated!
Rachel J. What I like best about XO Fitness is that 30 minutes of cardio is part of your workout. Where I trained before, we just did weights and strength training. You were expected to do cardio on your own. I hate cardio and will talk myself out of it every time.
Michelle B. Personal Training at XO Fitness has helped me see that I CAN do more than I thought I could. Karin helps me find muscles I haven’t felt in years and years. She motivates me to want to do my best when she is training me. What comes to mind most is when she says…”Do you have 5 more in you?”…after I’ve already done ten reps, and I’m thinking in that split second…”No!” But I know that I DO have 5 more in me and if I was just working out by myself…I’d have only done 8…or 10…but with her, I did 15! And THAT’s what makes the difference…THAT’s where the results come in. It’s a great atmosphere, and it’s wonderful to get there…but nothing quite beats hearing the trainer say…”That’s it! You’re done!” And I know I gave it my all. I walk out of there each and every time a very happy person because I just achieved something really good for myself…and it’s all because of their experience, expertise and motivation to help me.
Karen G. I am inspired with personal attention and proper training to get the most out of my workouts at XO Fitness. They provide a truly great blend of cardio, strength and core work. Never the same! XO trainers help you work in a positive way toward your potential.
CJ You and your staff have made a believer out of me!
Jeremy D. I started training at XO Fitness to supplement my weekly running routine. The strength circuit and piyo Group Trainings have allowed me to become an even better runner. The Group Trainings allow me to center myself after a stressful day at work. The trainers cater to the needs and interests of the clients. The trainings are personally enjoyable and physically challenging. My favorite aspect of XO Fitness is the high-level of personal attention that I receive. The trainers develop sessions that specifically target my needs.
Carolyn J. The friendly personalized atmosphere is very welcoming to the people who are beginning a new learning experience. Most of us have come because we know we need to do something to improve our bodies and health but have not enjoyed the “gym” experience nor have been motivated to stay.
Graham H. I have begun habits of exercise and am now aware of the critical need to focus on strength exercises that will assist in functioning. Thanks for all you did for me!
Denise H. I have been working with Karin for a few years now on my fitness goals. She is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to look at my personal fitness and health goals and offer insight on how to reach them. I am always comfortable asking her questions and she makes fitness fun for me. Whether doing a personal training session or a group class, Karin makes you a priority and ensures that you understand what you are doing.”
Jim E. I feel better at 75 than I did at 70!
Karen K. I really appreciate how thoroughly prepared you were for each session; how you always sensed the right balance between knowing when to encourage me to do more and when to “back off”; how you were always cheerful, kind, friendly, and willing to offer praise when deserved; and how you took the time to prepare a comprehensive schedule of exercises for me to continue at home.
Angie B. I love my trainer, Karin. Even though I complain, she pushes me to do the workout she knows I can do.
Tiffany J. Besides it being a full hour of my day where it’s all about me, I am stronger inside and out! Also, it really helped me to learn to focus on how my body should feel when strength training. I know I was doing, or holding my body position completely wrong when I worked out at home. What a difference good body positioning makes!
Rhonda H. Karin is always smiling and positive. She keeps things interesting.
Jean O. Lori did a fabulous job giving me very specific exercises and aerobics for my trouble areas, and such a variety! She pushed me and challenged me every session, which is exactly what I needed her to do. It has made me more aware of my eating patterns, exercises that work for me, how far I can/should push myself.
Carolyn J. A million thanks for all of the help you have given me over the last few months. I really have learned so much from you and you have inspired me to keep going and keep adding. I am at a place that I couldn’t even imagine ever being again before I started coming to XO Fitness…you have literally changed my life!
Suzie E. Personal Training benefits me – I am stronger, sleep better and have better posture. My balance continues to need work but is A LOT better than six weeks ago!
Kathy V. I love the variety – I never get bored! I especially enjoy the strength/core focus. I am feeling stronger, have better balance, am very relaxed and sleep better.
Lisa C. Ryan listens well to my specific needs. I’ve had a few days where I wasn’t feeling well and he “laid off” the workout, but still pushed me to do all I could (my best). My endurance has improved greatly. I dread getting up in the morning, but after I’ve accomplished my workout, I feel so much better. Thank you to both Karin and Ryan for your service.
Mary Ann Q. I am feeling stronger and healthier. Back on the right track! This was a good start to the school year- not as tired as in the past.
Leanne B. I have more strength. I am more aware of what I eat each day. I also have gotten to a point that I feel guilty if I don’t exercise.
Julie H. It’s wonderful to be losing weight, but the best part is how strong my heart and muscles feel!