Our Story

Ryan and Karin

When Ryan proposed did he offer Karin a ring?

Are you kidding!

Ryan bought a bicycle…not just any bike but a tandem…a bike you can only ride with someone you really trust.

That is when we became “Team Jennings”.

Years later, after two kids and several seasons of recreational riding we entered our first Adventure Race as “The Newlyweds” and won riding that very same tandem. The excitement of winning that race spurred us on. Working as a team we completed several more Adventure Races. Sometimes winning, sometimes just glad to finish, but never losing sight of having fun and the importance of teamwork.

In 2005 Team Jennings decided to embark on yet another adventure. We sold our home and hit the road with our kids, then ages 4 & 6, on an extended field trip around the United States. Sounds like an adventure doesn’t it? Besides seeing the sights we visited health clubs all around the nation doing “research” because we intended to open a “health club” when we settled down again.

We thought visiting health clubs would give us lots of good ideas on what works and what does not. A strange thing happened; we concluded that we did not want to open a “gym” or a “club”! Our true desire was to help people achieve their individual health and fitness goals; NOT to sell them a membership to use equipment by themselves. This was an extraordinary “aha” moment for us:

XO Fitness was born!

How does this apply to you?

10,000 miles later… we are excited to call De Pere and the Green Bay area our home! We are even more excited about XO Fitness and offering our unique team approach to personal training. Our team takes your goals personally… in fact, we succeed only if you achieve your goals. You will succeed… our team guarantees it!