Q: Where’s all the fancy strength machinery?
A: At XO, your good looks will be more than skin deep. Let us explain. Your body is the most complex and amazing machine ever. Typical strength equipment was designed for body builders to isolate individual muscle groups or “Mirror” muscles (the one you see looking in a mirror). That’s not how we live our lives.  Picking up a child, walking, stepping up a curb or just getting groceries out of the car are all incredibly complex movements requiring muscles to act in a symphony of motion. Machines work muscle in isolation. Life demands muscles to work in integration. So where’s all the fancy machinery? You bring it through the door with you and we work it in ways that will amaze you and support your everyday life. We really CAN help you look good, feel great, at any age !
Q: What is Functional Exercise?
A: Exercise that is truly functional supports your Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s). Picking things up, bending, twisting, lifting, walking, stepping, and getting out of a chair are all examples of the normal demands you place on your body. The next time someone says a piece of machinery with a cushy seat and padded handles is ‘functional’ simply ask yourself how it relates to your life. Perhaps the most functional thing about most equipment is getting on or off the seat!
Q: How much will this cost?
A: Not going to lie, personal training can be expensive.  Some people will train with us EACH and EVERY time they exercise while others will stop in once a week for some fine-tuning. Active personal training clients can get a Cardio membership (not available to non-clients) to use the cardio equipment on non-training days for a minimal cost.
Q: I have workout equipment at home. Can XO design a program for me?
A: Absolutely!  After you’ve completed our introductory special in person or via Zoom we can create a custom video that utilizes your equipment and abilities. There is an extra fee due to the time and resources needed of course, but the video is yours forever.  Please contact Karin about this option.
Q: I already belong to a club. What can XO offer me?
A: There is no monthly membership to personal train with us at XO, so you can enjoy training with us without paying additional fees.   If you only do cardio at your club, ask us about an inexpensive cardio membership at XO that is only available to active personal training clients.