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>Workout with a friend

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>Wager a friendly bet:
Anytime you or your friend skips a planned workout the one who cancels has to put $5 into the jar. At the end of the month the person with the best track record gets all the money in the jar!


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>Schedule 4 workouts

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>Scheduling four may seem like a lot, but consider the fact that “something will come up” on one of those days and you will have to cancel. In that case, at least you will get three workouts in. Consider that fourth workout as a “bonus” workout. If you complete it, reward yourself!

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>Keep Track on a Chart

Category : Healthy Eating

>Try this at home:

Place a calendar dedicated to keeping track of your workouts in a prominent location such as your refrigerator.

  • Each day you workout draw a smiley face (or give yourself a sticker) on the calendar.
  • Each day you do not workout draw a big red “X” on the day.

If you see XXX you better get a move on!

Any week you have more smiley faces than X’s reward yourself!

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>Final winners…

Category : Healthy Eating

>Hooray! We made it through February..for a short month it sure seems long!

Congratulations to ALL of you who kept moving this month with our Red Dress Challenge.

This week’s winners are:

Pat W: Montague’s Wine Bar & Cafe Gift Certificate

Dana K: Tonic Salon Gift Certificate

Thanks for participating in the Red Dress Challenge. I hope you found it motivating!


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>Double Heart Day

Category : Healthy Eating

>Yesterday we went to the Reforestation Camp to go cross-country skiing for our xo expedition. I inadvertently earned at least two hearts because I could not read the trail map!! Jack (our 8 year old) and I left the lodge at about 4 PM. I was planning to ski with him for 30-45 minutes. Unfortunately, I was more than a little confused by the map and we ended up on a MUCH longer loop. I couldn’t even call Ryan…no signal on my cell phone! We were out for 90 minutes! I am lucky that Jack is a good skier (not to mention a tough kid) and that the sun sets later these days. Jack earned a whole week’s worth of hearts.

Hope you all have started working on your hearts for this week. Try not to get lost while doing so.


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>Snow, snow, snow!

Category : Healthy Eating

>We really LOVE snow.

These are the BEST snow conditions in 20 years! Get out and enjoy it!

Our xo expedition snowshoeing at Barkhausen Waterfowl Refuge is NEXT weekend…February 24 to be exact. We hope you can come!

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>More winners!

Category : Healthy Eating

>Congratulations to the winners of this week’s drawing:

Sara L: Gift Certificate to Montague’s Wine Bar & Cafe

Tami H: “Keep the Beat” Cookbook-Heart Healthy Recipes

One more week to go…keep on logging your exercise!


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>This week’s winners

Category : Healthy Eating

>Congratulations to this week’s winners:

Danica: “Keep the Beat” Cookbook-Heart Healthy Recipes

Anne: Gift Certificate to Montague’s Wine Bar & Cafe

You can claim your prize the next time you’re at the studio.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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>Take a vacation, it’s good for your heart

Category : Healthy Eating

>Dying for a Vacation?
Is it hard for you to find time for that vacation that you need so much? Here’s some life-and-death motivation from Wellness Expert and Life Coach Dr. Susan Biali, that might inspire you to call your travel agent, right now!

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>Welcome new RDC participants!

Category : Healthy Eating

>This week we have 3 newcomers to the Challenge:
Thanks for joining us, Danica, Pat & Karen.