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>Your Starting Point

Category : Healthy Eating

>If you are a client, we can help you with all of these assessments and more!

For those of you who like to DIY:

Keep track of inches lost with a tape measure.
Record your girth measurements around your waist, hips, and upper leg. Measure them again in one month. The tricky part is measuring the same spot the next time, so take good notes. For example, when you measure your waist pay attention: did you measure across your belly button or two inches above your belly button?

Measuring too complicated?
Instead pay attention to how your clothes fit. Take note of how a particular pair of pants fits (maybe a little snug) and try it again in a month.

The scale.
Most people feel they MUST weigh themselves, however don’t base everything on what the scale says. Muscle weighs more than fat, so your weight may not change a lot as you lose fat and gain muscle. Your body composition (the ratio of fat to lean body tissue) is much more important. This can be measured with a skin fold calipers by a fitness professional.

Test your fitness level. Record how many push-ups you can do without stopping, how many chair squats you can complete in 30 seconds and how long it takes you to walk/run a specific distance such as one mile (works best on a track). Re-test every eight to twelve weeks and you will be impressed with yourself!