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>XO’s Friday Foodie: Spinach & Black-eyed Pea Curry

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>Greetings!  In keeping with the mission of XO Fitness to enhance your lifestyle, we’ve decided to introduce a new weekly food blog we call Friday Foodie.  Ryan, Karin or one of our trainers will be sharing a healthy recipe that they love every Friday.  Our intent is that these recipe’s are relatively easy, delicious and use the fewest pots and pans for easy clean-up.  This week’s recipe is Spinach and Black-Eyed Pea Curry.

I’ve been making spinach and black-eyed pea curry ever since I first had it at a tiny Nepali restaurant called Himal Chuli on State Street in Madison about 15 years ago.  Although I’ve never quite emulated the complex flavor, this recipe can be made as simple or as difficult as you choose and every variation is enjoyable.  There are infinite ways of making the curry sauce; what follows is by far the fastest version I’ve made that takes only 20 minutes or so. -Ryan.

1 block frozen chopped spinach, defrosted.
1 medium onion, small diced.
2 cloves of garlic, minced.
2 cans of black-eyed peas (15oz), rinsed.
1 generous Tablespoon Patak’s Mild Curry Paste (or other curry paste to taste)
1 Tablespoon cornstarch (optional)
2 Tablespoon EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Step 1:  In a Large frying pan, saute the onion and garlic in the EVOO over low heat, covered, stirring occasionally until onions are translucent and start to brown a little.

Step 2:  Turn the heat up to medium and stir in 1 cup of water and the curry paste, stirring until the curry paste is dissolved completely.

Step 3:  Mix in the defrosted spinach your drained, well rinsed (important!) black-eyed peas.

Step 4:  Cover and simmer on low heat 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Step 5:  Taste.  Add more curry paste if desired by mixing with a small amount of water.

Step 6:  Thicken (optional).  Mix the cornstarch into a small amount of water and mix into the curry.  Stir over medium-low heat until sauce thickens.

Step 7:  Serve directly or over brown rice or quinoa. Makes great leftovers!

Options:  Often, this is made with cubed potatoes, which are cooked in the sauce.  Another variation to up the veggie content  is to add cauliflower florets, and simmer covered until thoroughly cooked.

That’s it.  If you divide it into 4 servings, it is about 280 calories per serving with 38 grams of carbohydrates, 11 grams of fat, and 7 grams of protein.  It also includes 10 grams of fiber, or about 40% of the recommended fiber for a 2000 calorie diet and just 300mg of Sodium.

If you have time and you’d like a more complex version of this recipe, try this one: 

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have.  Let me know if you make it and how you like it.  Thanks!  -Ryan.