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XO Friday Foodie: Super Cool Melon Mint & Feta Appetizer

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A healthy hors d'eouvre

Feta, Mint & Melon Appetizer

This is my best attempt at recreating that stupendously delicious appetizer that Chris Mangless served at a De Pere at Dusk and client appreciation party we hosted at our studio a couple years back.  Chris, AKA The Traveling Chef, is the owner of Three Three Five  on South Broadway in Green Bay and features a special menu for each Wednesday night Farmer’s Market. 

When I first tasted this combination of flavors I was speechless.  It was that good.  I immediately turned to Chris Mangless and asked how he could have possibly came up with something so good that just sounds so wrong.  Feta and melon?  Mint and Balsamic?

His explanation was simple:  Learn how to balance the salty with the sweet and you can make combinations most people wouldn’t dream of.

So here it is:

Mint Melon & Feta appetizer
-Cubed or balled cantaloupe, honeydew and/or watermelon*
-Feta, finely crumbled
-Fresh mint leaves
-Balsamic reduction**
In small bowls, place about a half cup of melon, top with about a teaspoon of the finely crumbled feta, a couple of mint leaves and drizzle lightly with the balsamic reduction.  Serve chilled.
*I think the melon balls are better than the cubes… but don’t have a melon baller!
**To make the balsamic reduction, simply simmer balsamic vinegar over low heat until it reduces in volume by about half.   This is best done at your in-laws home (which, due to time constraints, is what I did), as the vinegar smell is really overwhelming.  Let’s just say that I almost lost my favorite son-in-law status, and I’m their only son-in-law!