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>What is Orienteering?

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Orienteering is a great big treasure hunt in the woods for adults. Armed with only a compass, you are given a detailed map that shows where markers are hidden. Your job is to choose how to get from marker to marker in the most efficient manner. The shortest route may be very physically challenging while a slightly longer route may be easier and faster. Thinking on your feet is the name of the game!

While competitors try to be the fastest to find all the markers, it is normal to find young families and retirees enjoying a fine day stomping about the woods. Coaching is available at every event and the cost is minimal, so get out there! Here’s a marker: Here is the link to the Badger Orienteering website: We have excellent maps of some of the most interesting terrain in the entire midwest.

I try to go to as many of these as I can, so if you want to carpool, email me at