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>Tricks for Avoiding Treats

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>1) Postpone buying candy until just a few days before trick-or-treat. The candy companies set up their Halloween displays in September enticing you to stock up early. Why bring candy into your house where it can tempt you for the whole month of October? Leave it in the store where it is safe and sound until just a few days before the big event. 2) Buy candy you don’t like. If you LOVE chocolate, hand out fruit chews instead. You will be less likely sample if it is not your all time favorite. Always be mindful when you consider eating a piece of candy: ask yourself, “Do I really like the way this tastes?” or “Why do I want to eat this?”. 3) Buy chewing gum instead. Sugar-free chewing gum has less calories and sugar than most treats. Also, while you are chewing you are less likely to snack on other things. 4) Buy something other than candy as a treat. Every year our studio participates in the Downtown De Pere  trick-or-treat and we have opted to give away apples and pencils with raving reviews from parents and children alike. 5) Store candy out of sight. If you have to climb on a chair and open the highest cupboard you are less likely to nibble than if the candy bowl is sitting on the kitchen counter screaming your name. This will also help your kids forget it exists! 6) Buy less candy. We all live in fear of running out of treats and disappointing the kids, but when was the last time you actually ran out? Try to avoid overstock. 7) Get rid of the leftover candy. Starting November first, give it away, take it to work or throw it away. It may seem wasteful, but throwing out a few dollars worth of candy is much better than gaining weight and feeling guilty about it. Trust me, you will be proud of yourself for disposing of it. 8) Allow yourself to indulge a little. You don’t have to be perfect. Thankfully Trick-or-treat candy tends to be packaged in small, bite-sized portions. If you allow yourself one piece, you will satisfy that craving. You can even make a deal with yourself to have one treat per day. It beats “being good” all week and then bingeing. Hopefully these suggestions will help you have a happy, healthy Halloween! Best Witches, Karin.