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Top 10 Fitness Trends of 2015

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Who knew we were so trendy? The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has announced its annual fitness trend forecast based on survey responses from thousands of fitness professionals. The results were released in the article “Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2015: What’s Driving the Market” published in the November/December issue of ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal®.

We were very pleased to read this list…XO Fitness has them all!

  1. Body Weight Training: Body weight training uses minimal equipment.

Yes! We do body weight training…push-ups, planks, dips, TRX suspension exercises and more.

  1. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT):HIIT involves short bursts of activity followed by a short period of rest or recovery. These exercise programs are usually performed in less than 30 minutes.

Yes! We can do this! Want to ramp it up a bit we’ll be glad to help!

  1. Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals. Given the large number of organizations offering health and fitness certifications, it’s important that consumers choose professionals certified through programs that are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

Yes! All of our trainers are certified.

  1. Strength Training. Incorporating strength training is an essential part of a complete exercise program for all physical activity levels and genders. (The other essential components are aerobic exercise and flexibility.)

Yes! This is a main focus of the personal training we do at XO to maintain and/or increase strength.

  1. Personal Training. Education, training and proper credentialing for personal trainers has become increasingly important to the health and fitness facilities that employ them.

Yes! All of our trainers are certified and maintain their certifications with continuing education.

  1. Exercise and Weight Loss. In addition to nutrition, exercise is a key component of a proper weight loss program. Health and fitness professionals who provide weight loss programs are increasingly incorporating regular exercise and nutrition education for better weight control in their clients.

Yes! Besides offering personal training we offer our SMART Loss program to help clients improve their nutrition and lose weight.

  1. Yoga. Based on ancient tradition, yoga utilizes a series of specific bodily postures practiced for health and relaxation.

Yes! We offer yoga twice each week.

  1. Fitness Programs for Older Adults. As the baby boom generation ages into retirement, many health and fitness professionals are taking the time to create age-appropriate fitness programs to keep older adults healthy and active.

Yes! We train older adults…many of our clients are 60+

  1. Functional Fitness. This is a trend toward using strength training to improve balance and ease of daily living. Functional fitness and special fitness programs for older adults are closely related.

Yes! We work with many older clients to improve their balance and increase their strength.

  1. Group Personal Training. In challenging economic times, many personal trainers are offering more group training options. Training two or three people at a time makes economic sense for the trainer and the clients.

Yes! We offer partner training anytime small groups (up to 8 clients).