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Partner Training Core Exercise

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Partner training with a friend or family member is a great way to add fun to your fitness routine AND save money too!

This week’s featured partners: Kim & Rebecca (a sister act)

Great core exercise for partner training: Partner on left is rotating and using oblique muscles while partner on right performs an isometric abdominal brace.

Check out our video of the week!

 Kim says:
I like partner training with my sister because it pushes me to work harder.

Rebecca says:
Scheduling with Kim makes me show up because I know if I don’t she’s going to text me and ask “Where are you!?!?”
If you are interested in partner training, invite a friend to join you or talk to your trainer to help you find someone with similar abilities and schedule.

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New Year’s Resolution Success

Category : Exercise, Healthy Eating

A University of Scranton study suggests that only 8% of people achieve New Year’s Resolution Success.


How can you make 2020 a success?

  • Set behavior based goals
  • Track yourself on a daily/weekly basis
  • Reward yourself for sticking with it
  • Forgive yourself if you’re not perfect
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Motivation in March

Category : Exercise

January is a distant memory…what about your New Years Resolutions? If they’ve fallen by the wayside, don’t worry…it happens to the best of us. Do you need to get moving again? Here’s what to do:


Keep track on a chart

It may seem silly, but most grown-ups are just as motivated as grade-schoolers by something as simple as a chart on the wall with stickers or smiley faces. Try this at home: Place a calendar which is dedicated to keeping track of your workouts in a prominent location such as your refrigerator. Everyday you workout draw a smiley face (or give yourself a sticker) on the calendar. Everyday you do not workout draw a big red “X” on the day. That way you have a visual. More than two red X’s in a row and you will know you better get a move on! Any week you have more smiley faces than X’s reward yourself!


Schedule four workouts per week.

Take a few minutes each weekend to look ahead to the coming week and figure out which four days and times you will exercise. Scheduling four may seem like a lot, but consider the fact that “something will come up” on one of those days and you will have to cancel. In that case, at least you will get three workouts in. Consider that fourth workout as a “bonus” workout. If you complete it reward yourself!


Find an exercise buddy.

Exercising with a friend is more fun. It also makes it harder to cancel your workout because you have someone to answer to. You may even want to wager a friendly bet: Anytime you or your friend skips a planned workout the one who cancels has to put $5 into the jar. At the end of the month the person with the best track record gets all the money in the jar.


Register for an event.

Starting in April the calendar is literally exploding with opportunities to participate in everything from a 5K walk/run to an Ironman Triathlon. Pick an event which will be challenging, but not ridiculously so. Check out Having an event out there on the horizon you know you will have to stick to your workout in order to be ready in time. Many event websites post a workout schedule which you can follow; if not, a personal trainer can help you organize your workouts so you will be prepared for your event.


Try something new.

Perhaps you are tired of the same old, same old. Try a new activity, get some new workout clothes or shoes, buy some new music or a new exercise DVD. A small monetary investment may be all you need to get yourself moving again. Wouldn’t you feel guilty if you let those new shoes just sit there collecting dust?


Remember, Spring is just around the corner and you want to be in great shape by then! Pick one of these ideas and give it a whirl. Let me know which one you try and how it is working for you I would love to hear from you!


Karin Jennings is a certified personal trainer and co-owner of XO Fitness, LLC in De Pere.

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Law of Success #4

Category : Active Living, Exercise

The Law of Self-Efficacy

You have to believe in order to achieve!


Self-efficacy is the belief that you can do it!
Psychologist Albert Bandura has defined self-efficacy as 

one’s belief in one’s ability to succeed in specific situations.  


How confident are you?

The Physical Exercise Self-Efficacy Quiz

How certain are you that you could overcome the following barriers?


Rate yourself on the following scale:

1= Very uncertain; 2= Rather uncertain; 3= Rather certain; 4= Very certain


I can manage to carry out my exercise plans even if…

I have worries and problems

I feel depressed

I feel tense

I am tired

I am busy


The Nutrition Self-Efficacy Quiz

 How certain are you that you could overcome the following barriers?


I can manage to stick to healthful foods even if…

I need a long time to develop the necessary routines.

I have to try several times until it works.

I have to rethink my entire way of nutrition.

I do not receive a great deal of support from others when making my first attempts.

I have to make a detailed plan.  


If you scored high (mostly 3’s & 4’s) 

odds are you WILL succeed!


If you scored low (mostly 1’s & 2’s)

Identifying the barriers that are most likely going to trip you up 

will help you get past them. Take baby steps and you WILL succeed!


Think of self confidence as a bank…

Each time you keep a promise to yourself, 

your store of self confidence gets bigger, 

making it easier to keep the next promise to yourself! 

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Law of Success #3

Category : Active Living, Exercise


Be relentless in your pursuit of success.


Consistency is the key to achieving any goal. 

It’s so easy to get distracted…

You must stay focused

in order to reach your goal. 


“If you chase two rabbits, 
you will not catch either one.”


Write down your #1 goal

and follow the advice of Spencer Johnson, M.D.,

author of One Minute Manager:


Take a minute

Look at your goal

Look at your behavior

See if your behavior matches your goal


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Law of Success #2

Category : Active Living, Exercise

The Law of EFFORT 


The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary!

~Vidal Sassoon  


Losing weight is never easy…

You must 

plan ahead,

find the time,

exercise & eat healthfully.


Success is the sum of small efforts, 

repeated day in and day out.

~Robert Collier


Daily recommendations:

30 minutes of exercise 

Eat breakfast

Eat 4 to 5 times each day

Eat your vegetables 

Notice the emphasis on eating right…focus your effort on this!


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Law of Success #1

Category : Active Living, Exercise



If it’s going to be it’s up to me!

If you are going to achieve results, 
it is going to be up to you.  
Your trainer, your spouse and your friends 
can offer encouragement & support, 
but you must be willing to make & stick to 
the healthy lifestyle changes.  


Think about it:

Is there one thing that you 
know you should change?  

Can you start today?

Can you do it this week?

If not, why not?

It’s up to you!