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Tone your legs and glutes

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Two for You!

 Here are two kickboxing drills you can do anytime, anywhere to improve balance and tone  your legs and glutes. 
That’s the purpose of our exercise blog…to introduce new and fun exercises that you can do at home with little or no equipment because we know you can’t always get to the gym!
Exercise #1: Step back lunge and front kick
Step straight back…make it a BIG step so that you can drop down into a lunge. If your front knee is over your toes you need to take a bigger step. Then drive rear leg forward leading with the knee and extend the leg out straight.  Repeat 10 on each side.
Exercise #2: Curtsy squat and side kick
Step one foot behind the other and drop down into a curtsy squat as shown. Then execute a side kick bringing the leg up and out to the side. The knee should be bent as you bring the leg up, and finish by kicking the leg out straight and parallel to the floor. Knee cap and toe should be pointed straight ahead NOT at the ceiling. Repeat 10 on each side.
If you are struggling with your balance and unable to perform these use a chair for balance so that you can effectively tone your legs and glutes.
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Build a Better Butt #6

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Basic Lunge


Lunge With Med Ball Twist

Step forward with the right foot, keeping the head up and shoulders aligned over hips; do not allow your torso to angle forward because this will make your quadriceps do more of the work instead of the glutes. Drop your left knee toward the floor by bending both knees, making sure to keep the front heel down and the knee directly over the center of the foot. Push down through your heel to return to the starting position.

You may use a wall or a chair to help you with your balance when you are first learning to do these.

Nick Nilsson,  B.A.Sc., C.P.T., author of Muscle Explosion advises, “When you do a lunge, squeeze the glute hard while you’re pushing up. This will help to activate the glute muscle. It’s all about getting your mind into the muscle and forcing it to contract rather than just going through the motions of an exercise.”