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Build a Better Butt #5

Category : Exercise

Chair Squat 

chair squat

Almost sit down, but not quite!

This exercise is a great alternative to the traditional squat because you have a chair behind you to give you confidence. Stand with your feet hip distance apart and toes pointed straight ahead. Slowly lower yourself toward the chair, but do not actually sit down. When you are as low as you can go without transferring your weight to the chair stand up and repeat.

Reaching your arms out in front of you as shown will help you counter-balance your butt going back. I always cue my clients to look up “where the wall and ceiling meet” to keep their head up…no diving!

If you don’t feel the glutes working, you are probably leaning too far forward. The forward lean is often caused by a lack of flexibility in the calves. To fix this, stretch the calf muscles, before performing squats. This should also enable you to sit back more and maintain a more upright torso.