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>SMART Nutrition Goals

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>A lot of people resolve to “eat healthier this year”, but it’s simply not specific enough. Don’t get us wrong, improving your nutrition and/or eating habits is a great idea. Most people know what they could be doing to improve their nutrition: they have lots of good ideas: eat more vegetables, eat less sugar, eat less starch, eat less salt, eat smaller portions, drink more water, and more. Unfortunately, trying to change ALL of this at once is very overwhelming and sure to fail. Instead, pick ONE area to improve, for instance “eat more vegetables” and really focus on it. Now, let’s turn it into a SMART goal: S=Specific: I will increase my vegetable intake to at least 3 servings daily during the month of January. M=Measureable: I will eat at least 3 servings daily is measurable. A=Attainable: You CAN do this, just stay focused. R=Reward-based: I will reward myself with a massage/facial/new shoes (you name it!) T=Time-framed: I will focus on doing this during the month of January. By the end of January you will have made eating more vegetables into a habit for you and quite possibly your family. You may decide that you want to continue to focus on vegetables for another month or you may decide it is time to tackle yet another area such as “drink more water”. Either way, you’ve succeeded!