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Plank Variations

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Here are some fun plank variations you can do with paper plates! Always keep your abdominal muscles braced. If you feel in strain in your back be sure to rest before proceeding to the next exercise.
Starting position for all planks is a push-up plank position with your toes on the plates. Your toes must always maintain contact with the plates. Some surfaces will work better than others for sliding the plates, so if you are having trouble try a smooth floor or very low pile carpet. 
Plank #1: Mountain Climbers
Draw right knee in toward right elbow, then slide back out to starting position. Repeat with left knee to left elbow. Try these slow at first and then you can speed them up if you wish. Do 10 slow or 30 seconds fast.
Plank #2: Frog
Draw both knees in toward your elbows at the same time bringing knees outside your elbows; then slide back out to starting position. Keep your hips low for this plank. Repeat 5-10 times with good form.
Plank #3: Pike
Keep legs straight as you pull your feet forward and your hips up into an inverted V position. Slide back to plank position being careful not to drop hips too low causing your back to arch. Repeat 5-10 times.
Plank #4: Cross-unders
Draw right knee toward left elbow and then slide leg out straight to left side so that it crossed under you. Then pull knee back in and slide foot back to starting position. Repeat on the opposite side. Repeat 3-5 times with good form.
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