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Pilates Winter Schedule

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Paula Kiley has announced her Pilates Winter Schedule!




Pilates 101 Thursdays 5:30 pm

This class is designed to teach you the fundamental principles of Pilates that will help you go on to be a successful Pilates enthusiast!! After all, you wouldn’t build a house without a solid foundation, would you? Once you master these five principles of movement you may move into the 102 and Intermediate classes.

Pilates 102 (Advanced Beginner) Tuesdays 5:30 pm

If you have taken Pilates 101 (maybe one or two sessions) but lacking the confidence of moving onto the Intermediate mat class…… this is the class for you!¬† I will continue to challenge you with more difficult moves and will give verbal cues and corrections so you can feel confident as you work on mastering the 5 principles in your Pilates practice.

Intermediate Pilates Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:30 am

These mat classes are designed to challenge the student who has mastered the Pilates 101 exercises. Intermediate classes are less instructional, more challenging and yes, FUN! We incorporate some of the greatest Pilates moves using foam rollers, BOSUs, fitness circles, and stability balls. This class will leave you feeling stronger, more flexible and ready to tackle what life brings your way.

Cost: 8 weeks for $96

Session begins February 7th

For more information or to reserve your spot

Contact Paula or 737-0818