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>Orienteering at Glacial Blue

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>What? Orienteering If you like maps and enjoy walking in the woods this expedition is for you. The short course is approximately 2-3 km. Join Ryan Jennings, 2005 State Orienteering Champ for one of his favorite activities! When? Saturday, May 3 Arrive as early as 11:30 am for a lesson. Begin the course anytime between noon and 1 pm. Where? Glacial Blue (near West Bend) Hwy 41 south to West Bend, exit Hwy 33 east. Go north on Hwy. 45 about 2 miles, then exit on Hwy D. Go about 1 mile west(left) on Hwy D to Wildwood Rd. Go a short distance south on Wildwood Rd.(left) to Beaver Dam Road. Go 1 mile east(left) on Beaver Dam Road to the park, which is on the north side of Beaver Dam Road and just west and alongside of Hwy 45. Watch for signs which look just like the markers. Who? xo fitness clients & friends are invited but please RSVP. The Badger Orienteering event is open to the public. What to bring? Dress in layers according to forecast; compass, water bottle & snacks.BE PREPARED FOR THORNY BUSHES/PRICKLY ASH…this means no shorts even if it is 80 degrees! Cost? $10 registration fee payable to Badger Orienteering at the event. Lessons available: Ryan will give you direction to help you get started with your map and compass beginning at about 11:30 am RSVP to attend or find out more: email or call (920) 339-0630