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Mother Daughter Fitness: Part 2

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This week we are featuring another Mother Daughter Fitness team!    

Meet Anne & Grace!

Anne has been training with us since 2008! Grace Joined her in beginning in 2010.

Anne has been training with us since 2008! Grace joined her beginning in 2010.

Whose idea was it to start working out together? Why?

Anne: It was my idea. I was working out at XO and really enjoyed the benefits of working out. So I talked Grace into joining me.
Grace: It was mom’s idea to start working out together and I thought it was a good idea so we started working out. We both wanted to get more in shape and she thought it would be a great idea to do it together.

What do you like best about working out with your mom/daughter?

Anne: The time we spend together.  Also seeing how each of us are improving in our strength, balance and coordination.
Grace: Working out with my mom is a fun way that we can connect with one another. It gives us quality time together as well. Throughout the past four years, both of our lives have become more chaotic so having an hour two days a week to spend time with one another is awesome.  

As a Mother’s Day gift, which exercise would you like to elect you daughter to do for you?

Anne: Mountain Climbers!