Meet Tina


PHILOSOPHY:  Every day is a gift that is why we call it the present.


I believe every day is another opportunity to do better and work on self-improvement, no matter what age we are.  Gradual loss of muscle strength is the main reason many elderly adults have difficulty performing daily tasks and ultimately lose their independence. This is not the inevitable consequence of aging, but a consequence of disuse.  Regardless of age or condition most adults can safely improve their health and quality of life through exercise and physical activity.


Being a Personal Trainer is a way to for me to help others understand how important it is to improve their quality of life by keeping active and including exercise into their daily routines.  I’ve always worked exercise into my daily life and found it to be very rewarding.  I will show you how to add more energy, confidence and overall wellness into your life with exercise, along with food and nutrition tips.  Please plan on having “fun” while you’re doing it”!


Our training sessions include, core and cardio strength training and guided training sessions in endurance, balance and flexibility (designed by xofitness). We can also show you stretches an exercises you can do at home to keep your exercise routine going in-between training sessions.




  • WIT’s Certified Personal Trainer since 2014
  • American Red Cross Professional CPR Certified
  • Senior Fit, AAHF (obtaining certification)



  • Running
  • Biking
  • Roller Blading
  • Hiking
  • Floral Arranging
  • Making Jewelry
  • Traveling to see my grown kids