Meet Ellie

Meet Ellie, CPT
  • PHILOSOPHY: Embrace Change
  • As a personal trainer, when I see positive changes in clients start to happen and they embrace the changes taking place from the outside in, I am reminded why I love my job! I respect my client’s process of change as they adapt to a healthier lifestyle. Everybody has their own timing. Eventually, we all get there. Clients would tell you, I am quirky, funny, and make everyone feel at ease. I feel my strength is believing in my client when they do not.
  •  FiTOUR Advanced Personal Training Certification
  • Peek into Barre Certification
  • Fascia Release Foam Roller Certification
  • American Red Cross AED & CPR Certified
  • Theme Camping
  • Astrology
  • Reading Vegan Cookbooks
  • Watching “feel good” movies
  • Spending time with Family