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>Meet Angela Lydia, CPT

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Better Function Leads to a Better Life.

I look at each person’s body like a puzzle, and through simple orthopedic testing, I can figure out which muscles need to be strengthened and which muscles need to be stretched. With this knowledge, we can begin to bring the body back into physical balance.

The body is an amazing machine and how it functions continues to challenge me to keep learning more about it. We each have our own unique physical makeup, with our own genetics, injury history, and compensatory movement patterns.

I am a firm believer in functional training and corrective exercise, where we not only strengthen and stretch appropriate muscles, but we correct and strengthen movement patterns. This allows us to function better in our daily lives.

I began doing yoga when I lived in Telluride, CO over twelve years ago. It became a great complement to the high altitude, long distance running I was doing. I fell in love with yoga as I had the mountains.

Shortly after moving to Green Bay, I began teaching yoga at the YMCA and got certified as a personal trainer.

I have completed Precision Neuromuscular Therapy’s Form and Function seminar, and my goal is to become a certified NMT within the next year.

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