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>March Moves of the Month

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>Spending too much time at your desk is tough on your body…

Here are some of my favorite stretches! Please share these with all your co-workers!!!

Chest Stretch
Clasp your hands; inhale and reach up as high as you can, then exhale lowering hands behind head; inhale and exhale reaching elbows out toward opposite walls.

Torso Twist

Sit tall; reach hand across to outside of opposite knee; reach arm around back of chair if possible and look over back shoulder. Inhale reaching the top of your head up to the ceiling, exhale and twist one more inch, inhale again and then as you exhale release the twist and face forward. Repeat on other side.

Lat Stretch

No, I’m not beating my head on the desk! Instead, place your hands on the edge of your desk and roll your chair back away from your desk. Keep your back straight; and sink your torso toward the floor pressing your hips away from your desk.