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Law of Success #4

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The Law of Self-Efficacy

You have to believe in order to achieve!


Self-efficacy is the belief that you can do it!
Psychologist Albert Bandura has defined self-efficacy as 

one’s belief in one’s ability to succeed in specific situations.  


How confident are you?

The Physical Exercise Self-Efficacy Quiz

How certain are you that you could overcome the following barriers?


Rate yourself on the following scale:

1= Very uncertain; 2= Rather uncertain; 3= Rather certain; 4= Very certain


I can manage to carry out my exercise plans even if…

I have worries and problems

I feel depressed

I feel tense

I am tired

I am busy


The Nutrition Self-Efficacy Quiz

 How certain are you that you could overcome the following barriers?


I can manage to stick to healthful foods even if…

I need a long time to develop the necessary routines.

I have to try several times until it works.

I have to rethink my entire way of nutrition.

I do not receive a great deal of support from others when making my first attempts.

I have to make a detailed plan.  


If you scored high (mostly 3’s & 4’s) 

odds are you WILL succeed!


If you scored low (mostly 1’s & 2’s)

Identifying the barriers that are most likely going to trip you up 

will help you get past them. Take baby steps and you WILL succeed!


Think of self confidence as a bank…

Each time you keep a promise to yourself, 

your store of self confidence gets bigger, 

making it easier to keep the next promise to yourself!