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> Nutrition Suggestion #1: Eat ONLY whole foods (whenever possible)! If your grandparents wouldn’t recognize it or it’s ingredients, don’t put it in your mouth! Nobody’s perfect, so follow the 80/20 rule: 80% of the time, eat whole foods. The rest of the time, eat things that are as whole as possible. Your assignment: Take a look at the foods in your home. If they have more than 6 ingredients it’s probably a food product, despite all the healthy labeling. If you don’t want to eat it THROW IT OUT! It’s way easier than trying to burn off the calories. The next time you are at the store… · Look at the labels: Is it FOOD? · Skip the cracker & cookie aisle: There’s zero FOOD there. · Skip the liquid calorie aisle of juices and soft drinks (not FOOD!) · FOOD never uses any of the following words: hydrogenated high fructose · FOOD usually has: an expiration date little or no colorful packaging few health claims Brief Disclaimer: xo fitness, LLC and employees do not claim to be dieticians and cannot render specific nutrition advice related to a medical condition or provide detailed nutritional analysis. Individuals seeking these services should see a registered dietician. The information provided here is intended to reflect healthy eating habits as promoted by the USDA’s ‘My Food Pyramid’.