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>How Hungry Are You?

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>The Hunger Scale
Learn to use this scale to rate your hunger and fullness.

0 – Ravenous, Primal Hunger. I’m so hungry I could die!
1 – Extremely Hungry, dizzy, shaky, faint
2 – Very hungry, irritable, finding it hard to concentrate
3 – Stomach growling
4 – Hungry but not ravenous
5 – Totally comfortable
6 – Feeling like I ate too much
7 – Stomach is stretched/uncomfortable
8 – Very Full/Stuffed
9 – Very Full and Bloated/Overstuffed
10 – So Full it Hurts, Feels like I’m going to explode, Feel sick to my stomach

LEVELS 0-2: Signifies ravenous hunger. You have allowed you blood sugar levels to drop too low. This is when you are most likely to overeat. Avoid this stage!

LEVELS 3-4: These are the best times to eat. Your body is saying that it needs food, however you will be able to make good choices and eat reasonable portions.

LEVELS 5-10: Starting to eat at these levels indicates emotional, not physical hunger. Eating until you reach level 6 and higher may indicate that you’ve lost touch with your physical hunger; focus on controling your portions.

Tune in to your body so you will look good and feel great in 2010!
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