Group Training

Experience the Energy…

Enjoy the dynamics of the group while working out with a trainer at a fraction of the cost of private training.

Exercise Your Options…

Choose from a variety of exciting programs led by certified personal trainers including, cardio and strength, circuit training, barre, pilates and more!

We do things differently at XO Fitness. We are not like the typical health club where they hand you a class schedule and send you off on your own.

Small Group Trainings are limited to just 6-8 clients: Never get lost in the back row again!

Getting started with Group Training is easy. Just schedule a Private Training session with a trainer. This is a 60 minute appointment for only $45. This appointment is extremely important to your success…here’s what your personal trainer will do:

– Perform a basic fitness assessment. In order to know how far you have come, your trainer will record your starting weight, baseline measurements, body composition (if appropriate). In addition, your starting cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, balance and flexibility will be assessed to establish your baseline.

– Teach you how to monitor your intensity level for cardiovascular workouts and select the proper amount of weight for resistance exercises.

– Coach perfect form using our wide range of equipment so you can get a safe and effective workout the very first day.

– Follow-up every 8 weeks (optional) with a basic fitness assessment to check on your progress for only $15.

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We suggest supplementing your Group Trainings with Jump Start Trainings

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