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Food Sensitivity Elimination Diet: Days 2 & 3

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OK, I’ve been following the Elimination diet food plan pretty closely now and this is the evening of Day 3.  

Summary of Day 2:  Pretty good, productive day.  Mood was pretty consistent, fatigue was not an issue despite spending an entire day at home with the kids in the house!  Went the store and picked up some additional items, specifically more berries (love this addition) and water packed tuna to replace the tuna packed in oil (soybean oil -oops) I usually buy. (Yeah, I know you are probably surprised I buy the tuna in oil.   Fat goes up only 2g per serving (4g/can) to go with oil.  Suffice it to say that water packed is so dry that I’ll bet most people overcompensate with other less desirable fats (like mayonnaise) to make it moist enough to swallow)  FYI: Mayonnaise has 10g fat/Tablespoon and light mayonnaise has 3.5g/Tablespoon.  I’ll keep buying my oil pack even though it’s kind of gross to drain.

Today, Day 3 was notable because I was alert even after lunch and was 100% present during a meeting in a warm board room.  Anybody who knows me knows that these can be my biggest challenge.  Usually after lunch I get pretty drowsy any time I sit for any length of time.  No brain fog, no mood issues and my will-power to stay ‘on task’ and stay focused is notably better.  I’m liking this!

A few notes:  It was really weird to walk through the grocery store and realize how much I was choosing not to eat.  Really, prepared foods of any kind are pretty much out.  No sense in looking in the snack or cereal aisles!  With the exception of frozen veggies and meats, really nothing from the freezer department and most of the coolers!  It simplifies things in alot of ways.

Tonight I made the kids tortellini with spaghetti sauce and I couldn’t taste test.  That’s like the BEST part of cooking and my little ‘perk’ for being the cook.   Drat!

Admissions: I have not been perfect on the food list.  I mentioned the canned fish all had soy in the broth, but I figure if I was that allergic, a soy burger would hospitalize me!  I accidentally put potatoes into the butternut squash soup that I love and later found out it’s in the nightshades class with tomatoes and eggplants.  I have not cut out wine.  It didn’t seem to help the last time I cut it out of my diet for 2 weeks and I was noticeably more irritable and grumpy.  Ha!  So I’ve made the executive decision that there is no need to eliminate the ‘wine food group’.