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Food Sensitivity Elimination Diet: Adding Dairy

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This is my mini-chronicle of following the Dr. Oz and Dr. Hyman Food Sensitivity Elimination diet.  The beginning of this series and the links to the elimination diet can be found in this link: Click Here.

So I added Dairy back on Monday, mainly so that I could eat the leftover pizza from Friday (which I couldn’t eat then due to tomatoes and dairy).   This was easy to add back in since we eat a lot of dairy, probably more than most people since we don’t eat meat except for fish.   I did notice that my bowel movements were noticeably looser, so perhaps I’m not digesting it as well as I think.  I’ll be paying close attention to how milk affects me.

Perhaps that’s not so surprising: Did you know that 75% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant and and therefore dairy is pretty much indigestible to them?  After being weaned from breast milk, we simply don’t have a need to digest milk.  Kind of makes you wonder about us humans.

I’ve been wondering about dairy ever since I read “Salt, Sugar & Fat” written by Michael Moss.  Did you know the government determined that it could not let the dairy industry fail and for that reason guaranteed that it would buy all the excess dairy?  The industry responded by producing far beyond what consumer demand needed, resulting in millions of pounds of processed cheese being stored in caves in Missouri.  Truth is truly stranger than fiction.  Read the New York Times Article -Click Here.

Recently, I noticed that while pretty much all fluid milk has rGBH free labels, pretty much no other dairy products like cheese, yogurt or cottage cheese are labeled.  That’s troubling because rGBH is implicated with increased risk of breast, prostate and colon cancer.  I did find this list that shows which brands are rGBH free. The important part of the list is which brands to avoid.

 Next up: Eggs!