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>OK, I’ll admit standing on one foot sounds a little silly, but try it and you’ll understand why I use this technique with nearly all of my clients. 1) Can you stand on one foot for 30 seconds without tipping over? If not, you now have your first goal. The ability to support your body weight with one leg is key to preventing falls. Be sure to keep your hips level in the left photo and avoid the right photo! “This!………………………………………………………….. Not This!!!” 2) So, you can stand on one foot, what about the other foot? Can you stand on one foot significantly longer than the other? If so, start working on the weaker side. The more equal your strength from left to right, the less risk you have of injury. 3) If you have good balance, and can stand on each foot for 30 seconds it is time to start challenging your balance by moving non-weight bearing leg. Focus on standing tall, and lift one leg out in front of you with your foot about 12 inches from the ground, then move it out to the side and finally to the back. The first time you try this use your arms for balance, then make it more challenging by crossing your arms over your chest. 4) Strength training on one foot is a great way to trick your body into using your core muscles as stabilizers. Try doing any strength training move that you usually do either sitting or standing on two feet while standing on only one foot and you will definitely feel some extra muscles kick in! For example: bicep curls, lateral shoulder presses, overhead presses.