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Exercises to improve Strength and Balance

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Two for You!

Here are two exercises to improve strength and balance. Specifically biceps and shoulders. All you need is a couple of hand weights!
That’s the purpose of our exercise blog…to introduce new and fun exercises that you can do at home with little or no equipment because we know you can’t always get to the gym!
Exercise #1: Bicep Curl with Single Leg Balance
Begin in standing position with hand weights in each hand. Balance on one foot and bend elbows bringing weights up to shoulders. If you have trouble balancing on one foot you can touch your foot to the floor to maintain your balance. Choose a weight that makes it challenging to complete the entire set. Repeat 10x on each foot.
Exercise #2: Front Raise with Step Back
Begin standing with feet hip width apart holding one hand weight with both hands. Simultaneously lift weight (with arms relatively straight) until weight is above your head and step back with one foot shifting some of your weight to the back foot and pressing your heel all the way to the floor. Then lower the weight slowly and bring your foot back to starting position. Repeat stepping back with the opposite foot. Choose a weight that you can manage with out struggling or arching your back. Repeat 10-20 times with good form.
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