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>Double you weight loss with Food Journaling

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>You can use a regular notebook for your food journal or contact us at and we’ll email you ours!

Food Entries… Entering More Than Food

What… It is important to include everything from what you drink to the butter that you place on your roll.

How much…This is the only way that you will get an idea about how many calories that you consume during the course of the day.

When…remember it is important to spread out your meals throughout the day. Every 3-4 hours if possible.

Where…Your may notice a pattern of eating certain times and places besides the table. Sometimes you eat in those places out of habit, for instance the car or the couch not because you’re hungry , but because it is a habit.

Why… Were you hungry or were you bored/stressed/sad? By identifying emotions that cause you to eat, you will become aware of them and be able to develop other ways to deal with these emotions. To lose weight, you only want to eat when you are hungry. Check out How Hungry Are You?

After one week, review your food log. You might be able to pick out the trouble spots on your own, or bring your food journal to our studio for a nutritional review. Clients can get a nutritional review anytime they bring in a 7 day journal. If you are not currently a client, simply turn in your food log at xo fitness and schedule a complimentary session.

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