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Core Exercises for Obliques and Glutes

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Two for You!

Here are two core exercises you can do anytime, anywhere to strengthen obliques and glutes (specifically gluteus medius)….that’s the purpose of our exercise blog…to introduce new and fun exercises that you can do at home with little or no equipment because we know you can’t always get to the gym!
Exercise #1: Mermaids
Do it right: When performing this core exercise be sure not to cheat by using your hand to push off of the floor that way you will challenge the oblique abdominal muscles more effectively.
Exercise #2: Clams 
Do it right: Get the most out of this exercise by placing your hand on your hip to assure your hips are stacked. If you allow your upper hip to roll back even a little you won’t recruit the gluteus medius properly. If you can do more than 10-15 of  these without your glutes burning your are probably NOT positioned correctly.
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