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Build a Better Butt #3

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Mini-Band Moves

The mini-band is a great piece of fitness equipment (it’s really just an extra large rubber band). It is inexpensive and takes up almost no space, so you can take it with you anywhere. Here are three easy exercises for you to try!

Mini-band sideways shuffle

Mini-band sideways shuffle


Sideways Shuffle

Stand with band around ankles, knees slightly bent, toes pointed straight ahead and take small side steps keeping constant tension on the band. Start with 10 steps to the right and ten steps to the right.




Mini-band zig-zag walk

Mini-band zig-zag walk

Zig-Zag Steps

Again, start with band around ankles, knees slightly bent and toes straight ahead. Instead of traveling sideways as you did in the last exercise described you should step out and forward with your right foot, and then with your left so that you are moving forward and your feet are making a zig-zag pattern on the floor. Travel forward 10 steps if space allows and then move backward 10 steps.


Mini-band glute squeeze

Mini-band glute squeeze

Glute Squeeze

Stand with hand on the back of a chair for support and the band around your ankles. You should be bend slightly forward at the waist with all of you weight on one foot. Lift your other leg straight back pressing against the band ten times; then switch to the other leg. Take care not to arch your back…if you feel any stress in your low back try leaning forward a little more.



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