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Best Shoulder Exercises

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Welcome to Part 3 in our Awesome  Arm series…


Today’s topic: The Best Shoulder Exercise

In 2014, the American Council on Exercise studied the 10 most common shoulder exercises to determine the best shoulder exercise. See ACE study. The answer was that there is not ONE best shoulder exercise because the shoulder is a complicated joint with many attachments. This study analysed the deltoid which is the most visible shoulder muscle. It has three distinct parts: anterior, medial and posterior. Although there is some cross-over each of these is trained with different strength training exercise. Doing just one of the exercises listed below would not not be sufficient on a regular basis….be sure to train your whole shoulder!

diagram of deltoid muscle


The three best exercises for shoulders recommended by ACE fitness include

1) Rear Lateral Raise (reverse fly) for posterior deltoid

2) Bent Arm Lateral Raise for medial deltoid (the 45-degree incline row was suggested, however most of us don’t have an incline bench at home to work with. This exercise was a close 2nd)

3) Shoulder Press for anterior deltoid


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