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Balance and core strength

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Two for You!

Here are two exercises you can do anytime, anywhere for improved balance and core strength. 
That’s the purpose of our exercise blog…to introduce new and fun exercises that you can do at home with little or no equipment because we know you can’t always get to the gym!
Exercise #1: Figure 8 with hands
Balance on one foot and clasp your hand together with arms extended in front of you. Draw a figure 8 which is lying on its side as shown in the video.
Repeat 10x while balancing on each foot
For more challenge: Hold a small hand-weight while drawing your figure 8 
Exercise #2: Figure 8 with toe
Balance on one foot and extend your other leg straight out in front of you with your toe at about knee height. Draw a figure 8 (again, lying on its side) with your toe. Place your hands on your hips and concentrate on keeping your hips motionless while doing this exercise.
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