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Five Nutrition Challenges for you!

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It’s March….Happy nutrition month!

Since there is no “one-size fits all” nutrition plan we have come up with a five different challenges for you to choose from. Pick one and give it a try this month…we’re sure that it will help you feel great!




Challenge #1: The Elimination Diet

Do you have a food sensitivity? Join Ryan on this three week journey to find out what foods are keeping you from looking and feeling your best.

Read Ryan’s blog post to  Find out more



Challenge #2:

XO’s One Week Weight Loss Challenge

Includes Six Bode Shakes, Six Bode Burns and carb-cycling menu plan!

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Offer Expires: 3/31/13


Challenge #3: Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables

Most of us don’t eat the recommended FIVE servings per day. 

Eating ALL your fruits & veggies will make it hard for you to eat the “other stuff”. 

Join Fruits & Veggies–More Matters facebook page for daily inspiration!




Challenge #4: Add Vemma Liquid Vitamins to your daily routine

VEMMA stands for






Karin’s personal testimonial:

“Our family drinks this everyday. Our kids have not missed a day of school due to illness this entire school year!”

Ask for your FREE sample the next time you are at XO!

Find out more about Vemma vitamins

Please visit our vemma website to order (cost is $63.95 plus shipping & handling)




Challenge #5: Meatless Mondays in March

Every Monday in March go vegetarian! 

Join the Meatless Monday facebook page for weekly inspiration & recipe ideas!




We don’t expect you to attempt ALL of these Challenges… 

JUST PICK ONE (two if you’re really ambitious)

We’re here to help you….let us know which challenge you’ve chosen, ask us questions, tell us how we can help!

Yours in Health  & Fitness,

Ryan & Karin

and the XO Fitness training team