Private Personal Training


Every moment of your workout is dedicated to you. This type of personal attention differentiates us from big fitness clubs and guarantees results. We’ll begin with a program perfectly suited to your abilities, interests and goals.

Depending on your goals,
we will focus on:

– Muscle conditioning

– Cardiovascular training

– Flexibility

– Balance

– Nutrition

  As a client, there are many ways you can utilize our services. Training hours can be used any way that fits your schedule and budget. Some clients may prefer to see a trainer two to three times per week. Others get started with a trainer who designs a program for them to do on their own; then they check-in weekly or monthly so their program gets updated and their progress is monitored.

Partner Training

Workout with family or friends and spend quality time with someone you care about. Receiving the personalized attention of private training at a discounted rate makes this a fun and cost effective option.


Who can you share your workout with? Here are some ideas:


– Spouse/partner…you’ll both be happier and healthier!

– Mother & daughter(s)…one of our most popular combinations

– Best friend/sisters…getting fit with a friend is way more fun


Combine Private Training with Small Group Training

Once you have started with our new client special you may decide to try our group classes for variety. Group trainings are a great way to supplement private trainings.


Click here to find out more about small group training