New Mom Fitness


Enjoy extra attention…

Every moment of your workout is dedicated to you. This will be a welcome change from demands of your family!


Expecting Moms

Congratulations!! Hi, I’m Karin. I have worked with many expecting mothers both one-on-one and in class settings.

Yes, that’s me, 8 months along!

Maintaining your fitness level during your pregnancy is very important. Let’s face it, labor itself is an endurance event you’ll never forget…

Together we can exercise through your pregnancy so that you are strong and healthy when the real work of caring for your newborn begins!

Your body goes through some amazing changes during pregnancy. I can help you adapt your exercise routine so that it is safe the whole nine months!

Why prenatal exercise is so important:

– Return to your pre-pregnancy weight sooner
– Reduces many symptoms common to pregnancy (back pain, leg cramps, constipation nausea & fatigue)
– Maintains muscle strength & endurance


New Moms

After your bundle of joy has arrived it is time to get your body back!

New moms have precious little free time.. with personal training; you’ll never waste a minute!

Being a new mom is tough work: caring for a baby involves lots of bending, lifting, twisting, and hunching over. You need exercises to counteract these movements.


You deserve to receive special attention!