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>FREE Adventure Racing Clinic!

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When? Saturday, March 15, Noon to 2pm.
Where? At the xo fitness studio, 100 S. Broadway, De Pere, WI.
What? We will cover all the basics of adventure racing: training, gear, strategies.
RSVP: email or call 920-339-0630.
So what is an Adventure Race? These races involve co-ed teams of 2, 3 or 4 individuals following a map and completing a course on foot, bike and boat. Some teams are in it to win; many others are out to finish and have fun. It’s a great time! We love this and want to share it with you!
Is there a good one for beginners? Yes! The Mini-Mad Dash on Sunday, May 3rd Register NOW…It’s a great reason to GET OUT and use your BIKE and CANOE as soon as the ice clears.

We want to be your Adventure Advisors!

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>February xo expedition photos

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>If you haven’t been to Barkhausen snowshoeing: We highly recommend this beautiful gem that includes a very nice interpretive center. Snowshoeing, complete with snowshoes is just $4 for adults and $2 for kids.
The kids had a ball chasing each other around on trail and off. But after they wear out, they make for a pretty good resistance workout if you have the good fortune to tow them!

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>What is Orienteering?

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Orienteering is a great big treasure hunt in the woods for adults. Armed with only a compass, you are given a detailed map that shows where markers are hidden. Your job is to choose how to get from marker to marker in the most efficient manner. The shortest route may be very physically challenging while a slightly longer route may be easier and faster. Thinking on your feet is the name of the game!

While competitors try to be the fastest to find all the markers, it is normal to find young families and retirees enjoying a fine day stomping about the woods. Coaching is available at every event and the cost is minimal, so get out there! Here’s a marker: Here is the link to the Badger Orienteering website: We have excellent maps of some of the most interesting terrain in the entire midwest.

I try to go to as many of these as I can, so if you want to carpool, email me at

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>Snow, snow, snow!

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>We really LOVE snow.

These are the BEST snow conditions in 20 years! Get out and enjoy it!

Our xo expedition snowshoeing at Barkhausen Waterfowl Refuge is NEXT weekend…February 24 to be exact. We hope you can come!

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>Scenes from our Janaury xo expedition

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In January we went to Neshota County Park for our first ever xo expedition.

The weather was perfect and so were the trail conditions!

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>New Group Sessions for February

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>Cycle & Go / Cardio & Go
We coach you through the workout to ensure these short trainings are intense and effective! These sessions are wrapped up with 5 minutes of stretching and flexibility.

Stay for Strength
30 minutes of muscle conditioning exercises utilizing a variety of muscle conditioning tools to tone and sculpt your entire body and enhance your overall fitness. Follows Cardio & Go or Cycle & Go, so you can attend them back to back for a complete workout!

Stay for Core
30 minutes of core conditioning. Train your stabilizer muscles around the abdominal and spinal regions. Utilizing the very best mat Pilates moves, and incorporating stability and medicine balls, these sessions will help develop strong mid-section, improve your posture, and reduce the risk of low back injury. Follows Cardio & Go or Cycle & Go, so you can attend them back to back for a complete workout!

Mind/Body Stretch
Improve your flexibility, muscle endurance, and balance through a wide array of Yoga and Pilates moves. We have selected only the safest yoga and Pilates moves for the general population. Stretching and breathing are emphasized to enhance relaxation and stress release.

Strength & Agility
Dynamic muscle conditioning for the whole body combined with drills to improve agility. As it sounds, this intermediate to advanced training is for individuals with a solid base of fitness who are looking for a challenge. Expect a gradual warm-up into some more intense moves followed by a cool-down and stretch to start your day with exuberance (5:45 am)!

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>Our Indoor Cycles Have Arrived

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Here’s a photo of our much anticipated spin bikes:
And here’s a link to our group trainings: