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>XO Fitness welcomes Ann Oviatt to their personal training team!

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Exercise is more than just burning calories, exercise can improve your quality of life, so keep moving!
My mission is to educate others in the many ways exercise can improve their health and quality of life. For example: Exercise can lower blood sugar and blood pressure, improve bone density and even help improve some of the issues that come with cancer treatments – the nausea and fatigue, as well as the anxiety and depression that are so common.
My decision to become a personal trainer was officially made when I found significant evidence of how exercise could have improved my grandmother’s quality of life – and nobody had ever suggested she do anything but “take it easy”.
I spent several years as my grandmother’s caregiver while she was struggling with diabetes, complications from osteoporosis, and finally pancreatic cancer. While researching her general conditions, I found vague references about the benefits of “keeping active”, but not enough information in a useable form to be much use to me and my grandmother.
Later, as I did more research to improve my own health and try to avoid the health issues that run in my family I kept coming back to fitness – strength, cardio and balance training.

  • NASM certified personal trainer
  • First aid and CPR certified
  • Studied dance for 18 years including ballet, tap, jazz and modern (Later I discovered belly dance and it was love at first shimmy!)
  • Currently studying to complete a B.S. Human Biology with an emphasis in nutritional science at UWGB
  • Spending time with my family
  • Gardening
  • Belly dance
  • Making jewelry

Ann will be available for trainings starting September 6th.
Her hours will be typically be 2:30-7 PM, 2011

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>Exercise #1: Squats anytime & anywhere

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Stand in front of a chair with your feet about hip width apart. Slowly lower yourself down as if you were going to sit in the chair and extend your arms out in front of you for balance. The object is to keep your weight on your feet and not transfer it to your seat.
Stand up again as soon as you feel the chair. Start with 10 in a row and work up to 15. Take a break and repeat. Be sure to keep your knees over your ankles with your weight on your heels and keep your knees from caving in toward one another.
If you need more of a challenge try Speed Squats: Do as many squats as you can in 30 seconds; rest 30 seconds and repeat as many times as you dare. You can also try the Wave: When you stand up, raise your arms overhead and lift up onto your toes…imagine “doing the wave” at Lambeau Field!!! Be sure to do this during the commercials next time you are sitting on the couch watching the Packers…your friends will love you (just kidding!!)

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>Move of the Month

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>Squats anytime & anywhere. They are great for your butt & thighs… The only equipment you need is a chair! What to do…
1) Begin in a standing position, feet about hip distance apart.
2) Slowly lower yourself down as if you were going to sit in the chair & lift your arms out in front of you to help you keep your balance.
3) As soon as you feel the chair with your butt stand up again. The object is to keep your weight on your feet and not transfer it to your seat. The chair is only there for security…in case your arms don’t work as ballast and you have to sit down! How many? Start with 10 in a row (repetitions) and work up to 15. Take a break and do 10-15 more.
Alignment Try to keep your knees over your ankles with your weight on your heels. They may move forward slightly, but never allow them to go past your toes. Also, your knees should not cave in toward each other.
Need more challenge? Try the Wave When you stand up, raise your arms overhead and lift up onto your toes…imagine “doing the wave” at Lambeau Field!! Be sure to do this during the commercials next time you are sitting on the couch watching the Packers…your friends will love you (just kidding!!)
Try Speed Squats Do as many chair squats as you can in 30 seconds. These are one of my favorites…they will really get your heart pounding! Sit and rest for 30 seconds, repeat

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>Improve your Metabolism

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>By: Ryan Jennings

I recently attended a fitness convention in Chicago to update my personal training skills and earn CEC’s (continuing education credits). One of the most cutting edge workshops I attended was entitled: “Metabolic Training: The New Cardio Program”. The course promised to help people identify one of their own metabolic markers and systematically use it to improve their metabolism. The training was presented by Fabio Comana, who teaches exercise science and nutrition at the University of California-San Diego and is also the exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

A Quick Review of Energy Sources
To understand metabolism you need to recognize that your body uses different sources of energy for different purposes. The two major sources of energy are fats and carbohydrates. Fats provide most of the energy your body needs at rest and during low intensity activity for respiration and circulation. Carbohydrates provide the majority of energy during higher intensity exercise to keep up with increasing demands of the muscles.

History of Cardio-Vascular Training.
Historically, cardio exercise has been dominated by two competing schools of thought: Low Intensity and High Intensity. Lower intensity exercise targeted ‘calorie quality’ by burning mostly calories from fat. High intensity exercise targeted ‘calorie quantity’ while ignoring the type of calories burned. Opting to burn fat meant lower total calorie burn and vice-versa. The promise of Comana’s work is that you can increase the amount of total calories burned while improving the quality of the calories burned.

Comana also expresses concern with any exercise program that uses ‘target heart rates’ based on standardized age formulas. Age is irrelevant to Comana because “Your metabolism is as unique as your fingerprint”.

Establishing a Metabolic Marker
So if we shouldn’t use standard age formulas to establish target heart rates for exercise intensity, what should we use? According to Comana, most people can benefit from establishing the ‘crossover point’ where the body transitions from burning mostly fats to mostly carbohydrates. This is the Ventilatory Threshold (VT1) and is unique to each individual and cannot be predicted by using age formulas.

Comana notes that the test for VT1 is straight forward and is commonly known as the ‘talk test’. You can establish it by slowly increasing your exercise intensity until speaking out loud just becomes uncomfortable. Ideally you will use a piece of cardio equipment and maintain any given intensity for at least 2 minutes before reciting something from memory out loud that is 20-30 seconds in length. Repeat this cycle until you find the point at which you are no longer sure it is still comfortable to speak. This is your VT1 or ‘crossover point’. Note: Be sure to consult with your physician before attempting this or any fitness test or beginning an exercise program.

Cardio Training Using VT1
Once you have established your personal ‘crossover point’, Comana recommends developing a cardio-vascular training program that gradually works just above and just below this metabolic marker. By doing this, exercisers can actually shift the crossover point and continue to burn mostly fat at higher intensities. This is exciting news for anyone who wants to improve their metabolism.

Do you want more information about improving your metabolism or VT1 testing? Contact us

Ryan Jennings is a certified personal trainer and co-owner of XO Fitness, LLC in De Pere.

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>Flamingo Stand

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>OK, I’ll admit standing on one foot sounds a little silly, but try it and you’ll understand why I use this technique with nearly all of my clients. 1) Can you stand on one foot for 30 seconds without tipping over? If not, you now have your first goal. The ability to support your body weight with one leg is key to preventing falls. Be sure to keep your hips level in the left photo and avoid the right photo! “This!………………………………………………………….. Not This!!!” 2) So, you can stand on one foot, what about the other foot? Can you stand on one foot significantly longer than the other? If so, start working on the weaker side. The more equal your strength from left to right, the less risk you have of injury. 3) If you have good balance, and can stand on each foot for 30 seconds it is time to start challenging your balance by moving non-weight bearing leg. Focus on standing tall, and lift one leg out in front of you with your foot about 12 inches from the ground, then move it out to the side and finally to the back. The first time you try this use your arms for balance, then make it more challenging by crossing your arms over your chest. 4) Strength training on one foot is a great way to trick your body into using your core muscles as stabilizers. Try doing any strength training move that you usually do either sitting or standing on two feet while standing on only one foot and you will definitely feel some extra muscles kick in! For example: bicep curls, lateral shoulder presses, overhead presses.

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>Resolve to finish the Valentines Day 5K, it’s SMART

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>S= Specific: It’s a 5K! It’s a great distance if you are a beginner or haven’t run in a while. M=Measureable: You CAN finish 3.1 miles even if you have to walk parts of it. A=Attainable: You CAN do it. You have time to get ready for this event, just get started! R=Reward-based: You will get a t-shirt, bragging rights AND the run ends at Seroogy’s, need I say more? T=Time-framed: you need to be ready on February 9th the race director will not post-pone the run so you have more time to train! Here is a link to the Valentine’s day run/walk in De Pere, WI. Here is a link to an easy-to-follow DIY 5K training plan. If you don’t think you can stick to it on your own give us a call and we will help you get ready for this event.

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>New Group Sessions for February

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>Cycle & Go / Cardio & Go We coach you through the workout to ensure these short trainings are intense and effective! These sessions are wrapped up with 5 minutes of stretching and flexibility. Stay for Strength 30 minutes of muscle conditioning exercises utilizing a variety of muscle conditioning tools to tone and sculpt your entire body and enhance your overall fitness. Follows Cardio & Go or Cycle & Go, so you can attend them back to back for a complete workout! Stay for Core 30 minutes of core conditioning. Train your stabilizer muscles around the abdominal and spinal regions. Utilizing the very best mat Pilates moves, and incorporating stability and medicine balls, these sessions will help develop strong mid-section, improve your posture, and reduce the risk of low back injury. Follows Cardio & Go or Cycle & Go, so you can attend them back to back for a complete workout! Mind/Body Stretch Improve your flexibility, muscle endurance, and balance through a wide array of Yoga and Pilates moves. We have selected only the safest yoga and Pilates moves for the general population. Stretching and breathing are emphasized to enhance relaxation and stress release. Strength & Agility Dynamic muscle conditioning for the whole body combined with drills to improve agility. As it sounds, this intermediate to advanced training is for individuals with a solid base of fitness who are looking for a challenge. Expect a gradual warm-up into some more intense moves followed by a cool-down and stretch to start your day with exuberance (5:45 am)!