Adventure Advisor

Expand Your Horizons…

Being fit and healthy allows you to live life to the fullest by being able to pursue whatever YOU desire.

We can make your fitness dream come true… Do you want to run a marathon or the Bellin Run, complete an adventure race, climb a mountain or even ski the Birkie? We can give you a training plan to do whatever you dream, and possibly even be there with you if you need personal support at the event!

Maybe you want to try some whitewater kayaking… wilderness camping… you name it. Tell us and we’ll help you make it happen.

So if you have an adventure dream that you want to live let us tell you how to get started on the path to making it all real… You will not only gain fitness, you will fulfill the vision of your dream adventure…

Call us today! We make it easy to get where you want to go ! We can coach you through the entire process from start to glorious finish!


Our Motto: YOU CAN DO THIS! Believe it, and it will happen!